Big Heart Healing Arts

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Founded in 2018

About us

We are an east-west skill collective for whole self health

Big Heart began as Mary-Claire's creation, with the joyful participation of friends and teachers, each of us pictured clockwise beginning with Mary-Claire (upper left), Alissa Effland, Ashley Kuenn, Jessica Bradway, Marya Bradley and Chunchieh Bruce Sun.

Our first location was in Mequon, WI followed by our present home within Syinthesis® Sound Healing Center and the East West Healing Arts Institute building in Shorewood. 

Big Heart Healing Arts
About and from...

Marya Bradley

Over the course of my life I have sought and dedicated myself to explore ancient and deep pathways of enquiry, disciplines and practices which open us to come into contact with the mysterious source and ground of our being.  In my work in and practice of the subtly powerful and profound healing art, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, I offer to hold, witness and support others in their healing process of coming into contact with--an embodied remembering of-- this deep ground and source of healing.  It is beautiful and powerful work, I feel graced to support and witness. In this work, I draw on my pursuit and experience of different pathways of healing, and on the ancient and living wisdom of many teachers, teachings and disciplines, including my two-year training with Franklyn Sills and Cherionna Menzam-Sills at the Karuna Institute in England, as well as years of teaching, study and practice in various strands of yoga and meditation, purification and subtle energy healing. These include branches of kundalini and hatha yoga, shamanic yoga, Source point Energy™ healing, and various forms of meditation, amongst them, the practice of vipassana.
In all my work I learn from and am inspired by the sacred presence of nature and all our creature kin, the gift of love and friendship, my life-long love of poetry, language, music, dance and the human search for meaning, justice and truth. In addition to my certifications as a registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist, a yoga teacher (CYT500+hrs), and Source Point Energy™ practitioner, I hold advanced degrees in philosophy and English literature from Yale University.

Jessica Bradway

Jessica’s expertise lie in providing therapeutic experiences through connecting clients’ physical & emotional states of being with corresponding techniques toward promoting overall wellness. She finds attending to the mind-body connection to be incredibly valuable and has a special interest in emotional impacts on the body and in assisting others in their own journeys of developing body awareness.

WI Licensed Massage Therapist (East-West Healing Arts Institute),  Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Art Therapist, Bachelor of Arts in Art History, (University of Kentucky), Master of Science in Art Therapy with an emphasis in Counseling (Mount Mary University),  Diploma in Asian Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage (East-West Healing Arts Institute)


Chunchieh "Bruce" Sun

 Chunchieh Bruce Sun is a WI certified acupuncturist ( #821-55 since 2014) with a diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and licensed massage therapist (#2308-146 since 2002). He graduated from Midwest College of oriental Medicine, Racine, WI in 2015. He believes that maintaining Qi balance is one of the best ways to relieve the discomforts of dysfunction and diseases, and that using minimum needles and/or herbs support reserving Qi and reaching the maximum impacts of Qi balance. Chunchieh has a continuous learning mind, so he travels internationally to learn different Chinese medicine systems, absorbing and transforming in a continual new becoming or advancing of his style. Chunchieh is the campus director of East-West Healing Arts Institute - Milwaukee since 2015, helping students learn about Chinese medicine and related modalities.
About and from...

Mary-Claire Stillman

Educated formally and through life's events, I bring my fullest attention to my clients in session. Like so many others, I can personally relate to chronic severe pain and disability. I've lived through deep grief and the loss of parents. I behold the joys and complexities of both motherhood and partnership. I've held the privilege and responsibility of caring for a beloved parent at end of life. Professionally I've held long-term positions caring for the severely disabled and the dying. Most of my clients are long-term, and come to me for regular maintenance or upliftment of general health, or to address or ward off specific troublesome issues. 
I've been in the healing arts since 2009 as a yoga teacher and founder of omTown Yogis, a 501c3 nonprofit. Those roles brought me the honorable fun of serving as a two-term lululemon athletica Ambassador and long-time Prana Influencer. After studying and becoming certified in Thai Bodywork, I began practicing it professionally in 2016, followed 2 years later, with my East West Healing Arts education behind me and friends beside me, I initiated Big Heart Healing Arts in 2018.
WI Licensed Massage Therapist #14789 - 146 (East-West Healing Arts Institute), Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner (Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage now called Coaching the Body), Certified Yoga Teacher CYT-200 (White Lotus Foundation), Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy (Lake Forest College), NPI #1023589835
Certificates held: Healing Touch Program | Syinthesis Sound Healing Center | The Upledger Institute | Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage
A note about...

Ashley Kuenn & Alissa Effland

The pandemic upended many things in this world, but not our friendships. Ashley continues working with us and supporting us in our "back-office" while Alissa cheers us on, taking a step away from practicing her healing arts work for the time being.